Extra Information
  • Sell Price: 1,308 Gold
  • Item Level: 95
  • Console Name: greathammer_u07b
Level 95 Unique Greathammer (2-Hand)
1070.45 damage per second
Slow Attack Speed (1.1)
Physical Damage: 764-1529
1 Socket
100% chance to break enemy shields
+3% Cast Speed
+31 Physical Damage
6% increase in the amount of gold found
2% chance to Stun target for 5 seconds
Silence for 1 second
90% Interrupt chance
Requires Level 100
177 Strength & 99 Vitality
This is why we can't have nice things.


  • Real Name: greathammer_u07b
  • Model File: greathammer06_anim
  • Icon Name: icon_weapon_greathammer06
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Added by Lann on Oct 6th 2012