Extra Information
  • Damage Types:
    100% Phsyical Damage
  • Console Name: Boss_Netherim
120% Armor
100% Fire Resistance
100% Electric Resistance
100% Ice Resistance
100% Poison Resistance
85% Slow Resistance
100% Resistance to Charm
92% Stun Resistance
+100% Interrupt Resistance
100% Resistance to Flee
95% Knock Back Resistance
100% Resistance to Silence
88% Immobilization Resistance
75% resistance to Teleportation
100% Stun Resistance
100% Knock Back Resistance
Slash Attacks - Dash Attack - Breath Attacks - Summons Minions - Boulder Smash - Flame Attack - Nether Magic


Drops are handled by groups, the displayed chance is the chance for something in that same group to drop. Items can have more precise drop chances within a group that are not displayed. Drop chances should be considered estimations. "Always Appears" determines whether an item in the group has to drop or is always on the vendor.
  • Real Name: Boss_Netherim
  • Model File: Boss_Netherim
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