Infernal Collapse

Extra Information
Infernal Collapse
Rank 1/15
You create a concentrated sphere of heat, which suddenly expands outward in a devastating 4 meter blast.
Mana Cost: 27
Cooldown: 2.5 seconds
+18-24 Fire Damage*
+30 Knockback
Tier 1 Bonus
    Blast radius increased to 5 meters. Increased Knockback.
Tier 2 Bonus
    Blast radius increased to 6 meters. Increased Knockback.
Tier 3 Bonus
    Blast radius increased to 7 meters. Increased Knockback.
* Scales with player level.
Requires Level: 28


  • Real Name: A Meteor
  • Icon Name: skillicon_infernalcollapse
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