Bane Breath

Extra Information
Bane Breath
Rank 1/15
A blast of cursed breath poisons enemies. If they are killed, they are converted into Shadowling Fiends that fight for you for ten seconds. Note that the Death Ritual skill improves all Shadowling summon duration and attack power.
Mana Cost: 15
Cooldown: 0.7 seconds
14 Poison Damage over 2 seconds*
+12 Poison Damage*
Explosion On Death
Minions Deal 0 Physical Damage*
Tier 1 Bonus
    Shadowlings move and attack 10% faster
Tier 2 Bonus
    Shadowlings move and attack 20% faster
Tier 3 Bonus
    Shadowlings move and attack 30% faster
* Scales with player level.
Requires Level: 14


  • Real Name: Zombie Dust
  • Icon Name: skillicon_zombie_dust
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Added by rorschach90 on Dec 26th 2012