Hi everyone!

I subscribed a few mins ago; the site is good, WoWhead style, and I hope I can get along with the community.

I atm play a lvl 100 Engineer, NG+3 Elite, and I would like to share my build which is made around the thought of online play (I play only in coop, with my brother or online).

This is the link to the build.

I know it will seem strange, and I will explain all my decisions.

Stat points - why no strenght, and why no focus? Because in a coop game all you need is that dodge from Dex and that block, armor and HP from Vitality (hence why it has more points than Dex, also because Dex requires less points to get pratically the same avoidance). You are not going to deal damage, cycling your pets or throwing em all out at once + your budd(y/ies) are gonna do all the damage you need.

Skills -
Storm Burst : I believe this is the strongest survivability skill of the Engineer - why? Extremely high mobility, Physical Damage Taken reduction (yes, it's there, check it, it appears as a buff after you cast it and you can also notice it in Arcane Statistics), it also does some nice damage, AoE and single target, it gives you mana back if you charge in the fray, and has some nice Knockback to charge a foe who is approaching your ranged damage dealer.
You can play the high mobility of this baddy in two ways. Offensively or defensively.
Offensively : charge, spam it, charge them all, make them feel who's the boss, create your battlefield, chose where you stand and where they stand.
Defensively : retreat, rest for a second or two with a Health Potion, and right back in, or charge that guy who's trying to pound your friend, push him away so hard he will fly high into the sky.

Healing Bot : This skill is a must. 4 secs buff which gives Health and Mana back, plus 10 secs buff which gives 16% ALL armor. Without sustained mana cost. Without blowing a global cooldown on it. Without having to cast anything at all after the first cast. You can sell your mana potions, you will not need them anymore. What's more? Because yes, there's more. It's AoE! You are the neverending well of life (and mana) for your party!

Gun Bot : It's... damage. Damage, just damage. Why did I pick this? Because you don't need gear or other talents for this thing to pack ALOT of damage without any effort on your side.
Sledgebot : Same as above. I suggest cycling them both, so that you always have one or the other up if you are farming alone.
Note : You can throw them out both at the beginning of a boss fight for a good burst damage, especially if your party is designed around it (eg: you and 3 ranged damage dealers)

Bulwark : It protects you from Physical Damage and gives you Physical Armor. Do I need say more? No, I don't really have to.

Spider Mines : It's more damage. It's a (not-so-much based on luck) AoE CC. Just spam them, all the time, you can have as many as possible up, you WANT to have as many as possible up. They will charge right in, explode, and with a bit of luck stun them all.

Forcefield : This thing will make you go through the fires of hell and come back unscathed, it's your shield. You will love this thing so much you wish you had one IRL. So... there are mainly two ways to use it. The first one is to ALWAYS keep this up. ALWAYS. No matter what, even if your house is on fire and you can see the flames approaching your room. This thing stays up. The second one is to charge in with Storm Burst (while of course you have Forcefield up already and off CD), TAB to Dynamo Field, spam it as long as your already-existing Forcefield hold and then BAM another Forcefield, much stronger than before. There's more gold and diamonds about this skill, it gives you Knockback resistance (yes, it's a good thing if you stay all the time there taking hits) and shields your allies. This thing will save your DPS so much they will want to reroll an Engineer.

Dynamo Field : "NOW WHY WOULD YOU TAKE THAT USELESS ABILITY?" Because in a coop game as a tank you WILL NOT get charge, especially with this build. That's why Dynamo Field is here for you! Easily spammable without the fear to deplete your mana pool, it will charge up your Charge bar (duh) really fast, allowing you to cast a HUGE Forcefield that will turn the tables of the fight. It also interrupts and deals some damage, but both are negligible.

Tremor : "NOW WHY WOULD YOU TAKE THAT USELESS ABILITY?" Because it reduces the damage ALL enemies in a HUGE radius do, and in return makes them feel more pain. Sadly it knockbacks a bit, but it has a chance to make enemies Flee. Which is good. AoE CC is always good. Always.

Immobilization Copter : Now this thing is insane. It will do good damage (132 over 0.20 or 0.15 secs) and it will make 5 enemies around you move so slow you will start thinking you should have called your Engineer Flash. And this thing is also the reason why the interrupt of Tremor and Dynamo Field is Negligible. It has 25% chance every 0.20 seconds to interrupt AoE.

Aegis of Fate : When this thing kicks in, feel even more fearless than usual. This skill is the reason why you can jump into groups of Tentacles and HUGE groups of small fries. It will continously proc, making you virtually invincible.

Dropped Skills
Blocking : This will make your life alot easier. You will mitigate ALOT of damage.

Armor Expertise : More Armor, just like Bulwark!

Willpower : The less time you are controlled, the more time you are tanking and saving people, just like a superhero.

Elemental Protection : This thing will help you against hateful monsters like the Artificer or whatever throws Elemental Damage at you. NOTICE - I at the moment don't need this to mitigate Elemental Damage and I am using Summon Archers, they draw attention, do damage... they're cool afterall. This is the only spell I feel I can really take out of the build.

Pet Dropped Skills
Heal All : This heals everyone in the range of the AoE. You, your pet, your ally, your ally's pet. This gun be gud fer survivin!

Summon Archers : As stated above, they take some hits, draw attention and do damage. They ARE useful.

Frost : This will do damage and slow AoE. Slow means control, control is an easy way to get your win against this pack of monsters.

You decide the fourth one, I go with Fireball for the bit more extra damage which I personally like.

Which items should I go after?
Now which items indeed... it is a really difficult question.
I think it is personal preference afterall, you can go after items that give you flat % damage reduction, % damage reduction per monster close to you, or straight after stat items. What I personally prefer are flat % damage reduction, because they make life easier, in the big fray and in a melee duel against a boss and his abilities. What I suggest you do is that you try to balance and make everything fit, keeping a balance of damage reduction and HP is always a good idea. I would say that to start a NG+3 you should be around 2k Physical, 750-1k (depending which one) elemental resistances and 12-13k HP.

Ok, I have pretty much everything above, what to do now?
Now you have to learn (but you probably did already) what you CAN take and what you CAN'T take. You should know where (not when) to jump in. You should always jump in, even if you die, because if you jump in you will buy enough time for your DPS to make everything into sausages. The important thing is where to jump in, how to do it and why.
I usually just charge right in, the tanky Engineer can take ALOT of bashing, and it can easily stop enemies from advancing with knockbacks, slows and what not.
But if you can't take too many hits, you should ALWAYS keep the Storm Burst to quickly fade away from the fray, just to return after a few seconds of Health Potion, you can also always try to attract attention and then run, just to return when enemies are starting to lose interest in you.

I hope this can be useful, and if you want to ask something, if I made a mistake in the build, if something sucks, or I missed something or whatever please point it out, I will update it asap.

See you around!
  • Posted on Dec 26th 2012, 4:52 AM
Hey there first of all nice guide, I just bought torchlight 2 this afternoon and this is exactly what I was looking for :)

Anyway i'm not really good at this game yet but I was wondering, is "Charge Reconstitution" not a good skill ? Because I thought it would be in any tank guide. Or just you don't need health recovery that much with this build and can spare the points to chose more useful skills.
  • Posted on Jan 4th 2013, 6:32 AM
Hey Spiff, thank you for the feedback :)

I find Charge Reconstitution really useful and strong, but I don't think it is needed to survive (I do more than well without it), and I personally see it as something that would make you feel like "wasting" Charges if you are not low on HP.

To be honest, I think you can take some points away from the build to get it, like the Gun Bot, but I feel that since it lacks damage having a pet like that is more needed than having HP regen on Cast. :)
  • Posted on Jan 6th 2013, 10:38 PM