Genocide - The Frost Embermage

[url=]Embermage 10/90/15[/url]

Demonstration Video:

This build revolves around spamming Frost Wave while buffed with Elemental Boom and the respective Item Skills.

This build is basically an dungeon massacre machine where you rely on the spammage of Frost Waves to dispatch all your enemies.


Hailstorm for the range, AOE, stuns and terrian abuse.
Frost Phrase for ease of movement and as an escape mechanism.
Ice Prison for mob control and Prismatic Rift as a defensive measure.
Notice that all the possible points (from fame) are not used and the remaining could be used for Astral Ally, Frozen Fate or Staff Mastery.
I've decided not to add Frozen Fate as mobs would be cleared in a matter of seconds.
Ultimately, the gist is to spam Frost Wave, the other skills can be configured to complement the player.

Also a plus is that its levelling friendly, that is once you reach the level available to use the Frost Wave, its easy to play with as you dont really have to save points up. The only worry is Mana management, but with a few points in Charge Mastery, you basically have a fully charged bar after 1-2 small groups of mobs and you're practically a spell casting machine.

Even possible to Solo the lvl 100 dungeons at level 50ish without dying. Use Frost Wave/Hailstorm to scout and damage,Ice Prison to stop mobs in their tracks and maneuver away from danger with Frost Phrase. Thunder Locus can also be used for boss-killing.

Works wonders with both Single and Multiplayer.


Q:So what the hell do you do for your first 28 levels while you wait to get Frost Wave?
A:The build is meant to be flexible with excess points. A spammable skill like the basic elemental bolts can be invested in. Or you can party and be carried till 28.

Q:Is this workable on elite?
A:The build works for all levels of difficulty.

Q:What is the point of maxing Ice Prison?
A:Its a great mob control tool when solo-ing tough dungeons and is useful against bosses.
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  • Posted on Sep 24th 2012, 6:04 PM
Awesome build. I'm currently playing through the game with a friend, he's a Outlander and I'm a Embermage, so I am glad I get to test this build. ;)

Best of wishes~.
  • Posted on Sep 25th 2012, 2:35 AM
Nicely done. I prefer fire, but ice seems to work quite nicely. I`m level 68 now and I just did the 105 dungeon. I died once though.. I`m very squishy.
  • Posted on Sep 28th 2012, 9:31 AM
Been using this build, and I have to say that hailstorm is barely enough to get you to level 30 or so, but once you hit the 5th skill level of Frost Wave, you decimate everything. Mana is not really an issue as long as you charge which isn't really a problem. Hailstorm for the terrain and extra dmg when needed, Phase to tele/run away, Ice prison to buy you time. Lots of fun blowing up the screen with blue!
  • Posted on Oct 6th 2012, 9:41 PM
Frost wave is definitely a skill really powerfull, I like the prison of ice for bosses, to be able to flee away a little bit.
Frost Wave is the skill that is worth seeing in every embermage build actually.

I hope modders will come will come with earth mage too, because there's a lot of skills (of mobs) using earth power that would be great fun to play (and there is that frost wave but earth version)

I have to say that runic did a great job with skills ! Some poeple have said that the skills of Torchlight 2 are generic and blend but I don't think so at all, they're original, well done and feel powerful.
  • Posted on Oct 15th 2012, 1:23 PM
Here is my take on the Frost Embermage.

[url=]Frosty the Embermage 10/101/21[/url]

As much as I like Prismatic Bolts, they don't trigger Staff Mastery, so use the Ice Blast to break anything's resistance to ice and then fire off FW. FW seems to build charge extremely quickly, but you can't go without Death's Bounty, as it will keep you constantly full in the red and blue bulbs. I typically only use DB on trash mobs, as I can quickly dispose of them and get a fast influx of hp & mana.

Get Elemental Overload as your skill, supplement that with Boon and then enter the fray.

Hailstorm is a debuff too, so at any given time you *could have*; Boon, Elemental Overload, Staff Mastery, & Hailstorm applied to a mob, but it is rare that you would need that much debuff since FW goes through stuff like a hot knife through butter.

Give your pet a couple of summons (Skeleton Archers & Zombies/Skeletons), and a damage spell like Fireball. Add in your Astral Ally and your glass cannon isn't going to be so squishy.

I like to go 0:1:3:1 until you feel comfortable with the Dex (10% crit?), then go 0:0:3:2 until you can do boss fights with only one pot, and then finish going 0:0:4:1.

1. Drop Elemental Overload + Elemental Boon on yourself
2. Drop DB and/or Hailstorm on the mobs
3. Hit the mobs rushing with IB, then FW until nothing is left standing.
4. If boss/champ/elite is coming, put an Ice Prison on it. Alternatively, you could put the IP on yourself and stand protected if you just need a couple of seconds...
5. In an emergency, trigger Frost Phase and get the heck out of Dodge!

As an alternative build, you could use Magma Spear in place of IB, it penetrates the foes which can be a lot more effective with Staff Mastery, and getting it to level 5 means it has a very long range (24m) allowing you to debuff things out of line of sight to you.
  • Posted on Nov 1st 2012, 11:32 PM